As President of Hook Spit Junior Anglers Association, I want to welcome you to HSJAA! We are very excited to bring you a student angler saltwater fishing tournament program that is the first of its kind in the country! We will be hosting several events on the Texas Gulf Coast including tournaments, events, camps, and more. Most of our events are regional and do not require extensive travel to attend. We will offer several camps and seminars covering a variety of saltwater fishing methods such as kayaking, boating, wading, shoreline, pier, and surf fishing. In addition to camps and seminars HSJAA will also host a variety of fishing tournaments that are open to anglers 17 and under. We will be holding Redfish, Trout, and Flounder Tournaments throughout the year from Galveston to Corpus Christi for Scholarships, Cash, and prizes!
HSJAA is a firm supporter of academics and stresses that all entrants must be passing to participate. We want to introduce students to the sport of fishing while representing their faith, family, and school in charities and the largest youth saltwater tournaments in Texas!
Although HSJAA is driven to get High School Fishing Teams started in the Saltwater market. We also support individual students to attend all of our events and hope that they will strive to start a fishing team at their school, church or just a group of friends! Most of the tournaments HSJAA will be hosting are an individual effort structure, but we will also be holding teamed events as fishing clubs and groups are formed. All of our open tournaments give a unique opportunity for every member of HSJAA the chance of winning a trophy even if they do not place in the money. Last year HSJAA pledged over $75,000 in scholarships, cash, and prizes in our events!
If you have any questions or issues with registering, feel free to contact us at info@hsjaa.com
Thank you
Wade Bullard, President HSJAA
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